What Fallout 4 Console Commands There is? Fallout 4 is a game with a thousand systems, all rattling and humming through its Boston wasteland. Since you’re playing the game on a PC, these systems are easily exploited by typing a few things into the game developer’s console.

If you’re looking for specific addons for one of the best PC games rather than cheats for Bethesda’s open-world gameplay, you’ll almost certainly find joy in our Fallout 4 mods list. But, if it’s cheats that you are looking for and Fallout 4 Console Commands, this guide walks you through how to enter them and the settings available to you.

How to enter commands in Fallout 4?

To use the Fallout 4 controls, you will need to open the Developer Console screen. This is easily done by pressing the tilde (~) key, located below the Esc key, and just to the left of the 1 key on a US English keyboard. If you’re using a UK English keyboard, you’ll need to press the grave (`) key, which is in the same place.

When typing console commands, remember that the commands are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about caps lock. You’ll see that many commands have a section that says something like <#>. In these cases, do not type the brackets <>, nor the #. Instead, type the name of the item you want and proceed replacing the # with the number of items you need.

Fallout 4 PC Console Commands

god mode
Activate God Mode, making you invincible. Type the command again in the console to stop it.

immortal fashion
Activate immortal mode, which allows you to take damage, but never die. This can lead to glitches, such as having your head removed and your character remaining alive (albeit with reduced perception due to the lack of eyes).

there was no collision
Disables collision detection. This means you can walk through walls or even defy gravity. Type the command again in the console to stop it.

set player level
player.setlevel <#>
If you want to bypass Fallout 4’s leveling system, just use this command to set your character’s level.

set skill level
player.modav <#>
Increases a specified SPECIAL ability by the specified amount.

Show all map markers
tmm 1
Mark all locations on the Pip-Boy map.

Unlock door or terminal
Unlock the door or terminal you are currently pointed to.

Add an item to inventory
player.additem <#>
Adds a specific number of the specified item to your inventory. For example, to add 100 caps to your inventory, type: jugador.additem 0000000F 100

Spawn Item or Nearby NPC
Spawns the specified item or NPC near your current location.

toggle AI
Disables NPC AI, making them dumber than Gen 1 synths.

Enable Combat AI
Disables enemies’ combat AI, making them unable to attack.

Toggle AI detection
Disables the AI’s ability to detect you, making stealing items or sneaking around as easy as walking.

kill everyone
kill everyone
Assassinate everyone in your immediate area except for companions and vital characters.

kill someone
will kill
Kill the creature or character whose ID you typed.

revive someone
Revives the creature or character whose ID you typed.

free roaming camera
It turns the camera on and off in free flight, allowing you to take some really good vantage points for screenshots. Think of it as a kind of photo mode.

Toggle UI
Enables and disables game menus and user interface. This is great for taking screenshots without the HUD filling everything out. Combine with the Free Roam Camera command for some cinematic displays!

Complete all main missions
Complete all main story missions. Naturally, this will spoil the story, so don’t use it if you haven’t completed the game.

reset mission
reset request
Resets the specified search to the beginning.

Jump high
set fjumpheightmin <#>
Set the height of your jump. The higher the number, the higher your jump will be. Place it too high, however, and falling to the ground will kill you. Consider combining with god mode.

Run fast
player.setav speedmult <#>
Set a multiplier for your running speed. Add a high number to become the Flash and become the fastest person in the world. However, you probably won’t be alive if you encounter anything, so proceed with caution (or god mode).

to grow
set scale <1-10>
It makes you or your target very fat. The higher the number, the bigger they get.

set timescale
set timescale to <#>
Sets the speed of passing time. The game defaults to 16. Use 1 for real-time progress and up to 10,000 for days that pass in the blink of an eye.

each item in a box
coc qasmoke
This command teleports you to a room full of boxes, like an apocalyptic edition of Deal or No Deal. Inside each box is a copy of each of the game’s items.

Teleport to an area
Teleports you to a specific area.

customize the character
showlooksmenu player 1
Opens the character customization screen, allowing you to redesign your appearance on the fly.

Faction ally
player.AddToFaction <0 ou 1>
Sets your ally status with a faction. Use ‘0’ for ‘friend’ or ‘1’ for ally.

Become the enemy of a faction.
enemy <0 ou 1>
Set your enemy status with a faction. Use ‘0’ for neutral or ‘1’ for enemies.

withdraw from the faction
Remove your ally status from a faction.

Remove from all factions
Remove your ally status with all world factions.

Fallout 4 PC Item Codes

Here are the most common items you’ll need in the Wasteland and the codes you need to summon them when using console commands:

  • bottle cap: 0000000F
  • stimulating pack: 00023736
  • far: 00023742
  • fusion core: 00075FE4
  • Quantum Nuka-Cola:0004835F
  • Hang: 0000000A

Fallout 4 console command weapon codes

Fallout 4 PC Weapon Codes

Here are all the weapon codes for each type of weapon in Fallout 4. Here are the codes you need to invoke them when entering weapon IDs in console commands:

  • 0.44: 00148B45
  • 0.44 Pistol: 000CE97D
  • 10 millimeters: 00004822
  • 2076 World Series Baseball Bat: 000E9A43
  • alien blaster: 000FF995
  • Anchor: 00144A6C
  • artillery smoke grenade: 0012E2CA
  • Assault rifle: 0000463F
  • assault laser: 000DD4B1
  • Baseball bat: 0008E736
  • baseball grenade: 00107BD6
  • a bolder monster: 000662A7
  • Bolder Behemoth: 0014BBDA
  • Blood bug blood spray: 00031FB8
  • Junta: 0005C250
  • Bomb: 0014245D
  • bottle cap mine: 0010771F
  • Boxing glove: 0016498F
  • prospectus: 000FD11B
  • chinese officer sword: 00147BE4
  • combat knife: 000913CA
  • battle rifle: 000DF42E
  • battle rifle: 0014831C
  • cryogenic mine: 0010C669
  • cryogenic grenade: 000FF21D
  • criolator: 00171B2B
  • bloodthirsty gauntlet: 000D8576
  • liberator: 000DC8E7
  • double barrel shotgun: 00062AA4
  • Fat man: 000BD56F
  • fire hydrant bat: 000DF621
  • flamethrower: 000E5881
  • Flare gun: 001025AC
  • Frag Grenade: 000EEBED
  • fragmentation mine: 000E56C2
  • Fusion Core Ejector: 000865E9
  • Fusion Core Ejector: 000897FF
  • range rifle: 000DDB7C
  • dummy gas trap: 000001F6
  • laser gatling: 000E27BC
  • Gaussian Rifle: 000D1EB0
  • Grognak’s Ax: 00183FCD
  • HalluciGen gas grenade: 000E98E5
  • gun in hand: 0014831D
  • search tag: 00065DEC
  • hunting rifle: 0005BBA4
  • hunting rifle: 0004F46A
  • institute rifle: 0005A665
  • Institute Pistol: 001633CC
  • Institute EM Pulse Grenade: 0018325E
  • Institute Lighthouse: 00174F8F
  • Trash throw: 000E942B
  • Kellogg’s gun: 000CE97D
  • Knife: 00062AA3
  • joins: 0005524B
  • larva saliva: 0003175B
  • Laser: 0005BBA6
  • Laser: 0009983B
  • Laser gun: 00148B48
  • laser musket: 0001DACF
  • lead pipe: 000FC9C3
  • Laser Liberty Prime: 00110414

fallout 4 cheat laser

  • Machete: 00033FE0
  • submachine gun: 00064B87
  • mini nuclear bomb: 0010E689
  • missile launcher: 0003F6F8
  • Molotov cocktail: 0010C3C6
  • Pomegranate Nuka: 000E5750
  • nuclear armament: 00065DF2
  • nuclear mine: 0010A340
  • biter: 00092A60
  • Sugar cane: 00024F55
  • Pipe Bolt Action: 0014831A
  • pipe revolver: 0005BBA7
  • pipe revolver: 0014831B
  • pipe wrench: 000D83BF
  • plasma grenade: 0010A33D
  • plasma gun: 00100AE9
  • plasma mine: 0010A342
  • cue stick: 000FA3E8
  • Mighty fist: 0011B336
  • Preston’s Laser Musket: 00062AA6
  • pulse grenade: 000FF21F
  • pulse mine: 0010A344
  • railroad gun: 000FE268
  • Revolutionary Sword: 00143AB5
  • Ripper: 000FA2F6
  • Roll: 00142FAB
  • safety stick: 0008C14D
  • skewer: 000FA2FB
  • Almadena: 0005DF2E
  • Almadena: 000E7AB9
  • sonic attack: 000FC3EC
  • spit attack: 0009F24D
  • submachine gun: 0015B043
  • awesome sled: 000FF964
  • Switchblade: 000FDC81
  • Synthetic Relay Grenade: 000589F2
  • syringe: 0014D09E
  • trial grenade launcher: 000CA0B0
  • the winner: 000dC8E7
  • iron rim: 00185D25
  • Vertibird signal grenade: 00056917
  • Walking stick: 000FDC7D

And there you have it, these are the Fallout 4 cheats and console commands you need when a little tech help is needed. But, remember, with great laser power comes great responsibility not to slaughter the entire population of Boston.

There’s a lot more to lose in Boston, though: check out the best Fallout 4 settlements designed by the most skilled post-apocalyptic architects. They should give you inspiration to build the huge armories you need to place all your new weapons and items. It’s not the end of the world, but we have a list of the best apocalypse games to help you prepare for the event. of the global catastrophe.

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