Mega offer – Elotrix rejects GTA 5 deal over 600,000 euros

Elotrix rejects GTA 5 deal over 600,000 euros


For almost 3 years nothing was heard from EloTrix after its YouTube hype. It seemed like the 30-year-old hadn’t grabbed the chance of a lifetime. But in 2019 he plucked up courage and decided to try again. Since then he has been going for 2.5 years and streams several times a week for his fans.

In the meantime, the streamer can live very well from his Twitch streams. In the beginning, he had to work his way up to a normal salary and win back his once huge fan base. Now he has regained his status as one of the greatest German creators. Last year he revealed his monthly income through Twitch and his Streamhighlights channel.

600.000 Euro-Deal

But EloTrix could have made significantly more money than he is currently doing. As the Twitch star now reports, he was offered an incredible deal: 50,000 euros a month for 10 GTA RP streams a month. He could have signed directly for a year and thus secured 600,000 euros. Enough money to provide for the entire pension.

But Elotrix refused. The reason: The money behind the GTA RP deal is said to come from illegal sources. The server, on which some other German streamers are active, therefore belongs to a criminal organization. Loot boxes are also offered on it, which EloTrix also didn’t want to expect of its community. That’s why he renounces the big money and prefers to remain an honest streamer instead.

Elotrix on the 600,000 euro deal

“I have the luxury of being able to live well thanks to you and earning more money than I really need. And I can invest a lot of money. And if a good deal comes in, no matter how much, I don’t have to take it. ‘Cause I’ve got enough to eat, you know how I mean? The offer was: 3 streams, 2 hours each. Sample, for 18,000 euros. And if the registrations are correct via the link, it would be. And now buckle up: It would have been an annual deal for 10 streams a month of 2 hours each.

10 streams a month for 50,000 euros – for one year. If you can still count, that’s 600,000 euros. That’s still enough money after taxes to buy you a property. And that protects you from poverty in old age. That’s so much money that I thought about checking it out. But I was strongly advised against it by good colleagues. Because when there is so much money in the room, something is wrong. And that’s probably not clean money, that’s probably money laundering by some Russian… some say mafia, some say [Oligarchen]. Sort of money laundering.”

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