It appears that EA’s offices in Baton Rouge and Louisiana have fired over 200 testers responsible for quality assurance on Apex Legends. According to a report from Kotaku, the company announced the layoffs during a Zoom call, which was also arranged abruptly and without notice.

Some of the testers involved in these layoffs spoke about EA’s controversial decision, saying it includes all of the staff in the Baton Rouge office, “which is basically all of their Apex Legends QA staff.” The report even notes that some of the testers were fired hours after completing their night shifts.

EA hasn’t commented on the report so far, but it told Kotaku that it will focus its testing organization on other projects.

This also follows news a few weeks ago that a new single-player Titanfall has been canceled internally at the studio, all in addition to Apex Legends Mobile shutting down less than a year after release.

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