Elden Ring, here's how to beat Godrick the Grafted

Elden Ring, here’s how to beat Godrick the Grafted

Godrick the Grafted of Elden Ring is an enemy formidable, and will likely be the game’s toughest test so far. The first phase of the meeting sees it equipped with two huge axes and wind attacks, which deploy both on the ground and in the air.

Another attack you need to watch out for is his ground stomp, which crushes the area around him twice in quick succession, dealing a lot of damage if you’re involved. Another burst sees him almost crawl across the ground and then blow up for another final blow.

You will be able to resist some of these attacks by protecting yourself with a shield, but it also creates some distance for hits that have a longer range.

What we advise you to do is to summon the PNG just outside the fog gate to help you in this fight. If you haven’t found it yet, take the path behind the entrance to the fog gate until you find a door with a dead soldier inside and a PNG standing above it.

You will have to pass a giant and some enemies to reach it. Talk to her a couple of times and she will agree to help you during the meeting.

With the PNG at your side, allow her to attack the boss while you go after him and start dealing damage. You won’t have to worry about many of his attacks as he focuses on PNG, but keep in mind what it hits the ground. That will hit you anyway. Keep your guard up if you happen to take aggro, and retreat so that the PNG can regain control.

It is also a good idea to keep fighting at the entrance or exit of the stairs. Thanks to the slight elevation they allow, you can perform jump attacks much easier.

 Godrick the Grafted
Godrick the Grafted

When the health bar of Godrick the grafted will have reached about 50%, a cutscene will be displayed and you will enter the second phase of the fight. Here, one of his arms will be replaced by a dragon head that breathes fire at you.

There are two variations: one in which the dragon slowly covers the area with fire, and another in which fireballs reign from above. If the first attack begins, simply run in the opposite direction. For the other, try to roll towards the boss or get behind him and you should avoid them.

Aside from that, however, the combat remains more or less the same. Just with a little more fire. Continue to allow the PNG to take aggro (he can heal himself once or twice to stay longer) while you dent his health bar from behind.

If it turns against you, then pull back one more time and let the PNG do its job. If it dies, activate some ashes like those of Lone Wolf to distract even more.

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“Elden Ring is an amazing video game. The journey into the Interregnum is one of the best experiences the entire medium has ever seen, characterized by a great vastness and an even greater desire to explore up to the last corner of the game world. The amount of things to do is substantial enough to put your hands in your hair and then bring them back to the pad and see more and more. The combat system that made From Software deserving of its fame, is further redefined, presenting alternatives for every type of player, and although the difficulty is at the highest levels, there is no shortage of ideas for those who do not want to lose patience against a boss.”

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