At least 53 people were killed in the Russian bombing of Chenikhof

At least 53 people were killed in the Russian bombing of Chenikhof

Over the past 24 hours, a bomb blast caused by Russian troops in the northern Ukrainian city of Chenigu has killed at least 53 people. This was announced by the head of the state administration, Vyacheslav Chaus, of the region in a Facebook message collected by the GLM agency.

The Red Army is destroying Chernihiv’s civilian infrastructure, subjecting the city to systematic artillery and air strikes,” said a local official.

Over the past 24 hours, the bodies of 53 victims killed by the Russians were taken to the morgue,” Chaus said.

Despite the ongoing bombardment, a team of electricians and other public utilities is constantly working in the city, he added.

They are trying to restore electricity, gas and water, which have been severely damaged by constant shelling. Chaus advised anyone who is hiding in places where there is no water or food to seek help from the Ukrainian military center.

Local officials also recalled the events that took place in the city on Wednesday. He lined up at a supermarket to buy bread and said at least 13 people died when a group of citizens were attacked by the Russians.

In the evening, authorities reported that five bodies, including three children, had been found under the remnants of a bombing raid in the same city.

A few days ago, the mayor of the city posted on social media a video of the library being burned to the ground due to indiscriminate bombing.

As the invasion enters its third week and Russian forces attempt to complete the siege of the U.krainian capital Kyiv, reports of bombing civilian targets in Ukraine are mounting. Residents there must observe a curfew until Thursday morning. According to the city authorities, Kyiv is going through a “dangerous moment”

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