Elden Ring is a role-playing game milestone and the biggest success of the Dark Souls makers to date. In Europe, the PC version is primarily responsible for the strong sales figures. It is precisely in this version that savvy dataminers like to sniff out hidden details and messages from the developers.

One of them has now pulled her masks off the many cloaked NPCs and shows in a video what the introductory NPC Varre, who is so obsessed with your relationship status, or the sorceress Sellen, who is otherwise hidden behind a stone mine, really look like.

Apparently she managed to read the values ​​from friendly and hostile NPCs that are also used when creating our own characters and thus recreate them in the editor. Funnily enough, players who like to dress up as NPCs for PvP could use this method to get even more into their character.

Developers apparently put a lot of effort into the hidden faces

What is striking is how good the characters actually look under their face coverings. From Software doesn’t show any weaknesses here and may have factored in the curiosity of its fans from the start.

The sorceress Sellen helps her into a new body in her quest line, but never gets to see her old or her new face. Thanks to dataminer Zullie, we now know both and know that the latter actually looks a bit more youthful.





Sorceress Sellen has two professionally designed faces, although you never see them in the game.

In the Dark Souls community, Zullie the Witch is not a blank slate. For over five years she has been digging into From Software’s games to provide the community with interesting and curious details about the games.

However, sometimes it also reaches its limits: According to their own statements, their namesake Ranni the Witch could not be reconstructed because there is simply no facial data for them in the game files.

If you are looking for secrets in the Elden Ring yourself, then we can only warmly recommend our practical guide overview, in which you will find everything your Souls heart desires, from tips for beginners to tips for professionals.

Which face interested or surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments!

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