Ehe first champion club in the history of the Kings League InfoJobs She already has her women’s team. The girls will have a big responsibility in defending the jersey. The neighborhood in this one Queen’s League Oysho.

He president of the team to be Adrian Contreras, who will be in charge of the male and female sections. I have a lot of work ahead of me in the next few months. Yesterday we could know how to be T-shirt, with a slightly lighter blue tone than the men’s team and a darker blue on the sleeves.

In the first round of the draft, they were the eighth pick and their primer was the defense Paula Nose. Next, we will see what happened after the elections of The neighborhood in an orderly manner.

El Barrio players

  1. Paula Nose
  2. Andrea Luna
  3. Sarai’s fight
  4. Andrea Santaularia
  5. Cristina Chavero
  6. Mount Amella
  7. Alba Guerrero
  8. Sara Olaizola
  9. Gemma Vilario
  10. rich ruiz

El Barrio have confirmed their 11 and 12 players

Adri Contreras visited the queens league draft with part of what will be his technical staff in this women’s team. The most visible face will be in the coach be Micky Olle, who has been in the RCD Espanyol and was champion Catalunya Cup the past 2022.

“Aitana couldn’t come because she moved to Miami”, commented the president in a humorous tone, although he continues with the aim of bringing the artist to a Queens League match.

We also officially know the El Barrio players 11 and 12 female who will be Irene Lopez and Ana Romero “Willy”. “We made two big signings,” Adri pointed out.

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