Electronic Arts has announced a restructuring plan that will result in the loss of approximately 6% of the company’s workforce. The boss of the company believes that EA “acts from a position of strength”.

Electronic Arts, the giant behind successes such as the FIFA series, The Sims or Dead Space, intends to lay off approximately 6% of staff. Company representatives have not announced the exact number of people affected. However, since in the last annual report (end of March 2022) it was reported that the company employs 12,900 people worldwide, it can be estimated that management will lay off 775 employees.

restructuring plan

As GamesIndustry.biz reported, the layoffs are part of a restructuring plan that also includes cutting property spending and focusing efforts to take advantage of better growth opportunities.

According to company reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, The company’s shares are expected to generate savings of $170 million to $200 million. The whole process should be completed by the end of September this year.

bright future

In a note to employees, Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson noted that the company continues to operate from a position of strength and will focus on priorities such as creating games with large communities going forward. , make the most of these communities and “create interactive games”. . stories that will become hits.

“reasonable” number

Finally, it should be noted that while layoffs still spell trouble for many people, those predicted by EA are in line with current trends in technology markets. Recall that at the beginning of this year Microsoft announced the separation of approximately 10,000 employees (about 5% of the workforce). By contrast, in the case of Google, it will be 12,000 people (6% of the workforce).

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