The latest Dwarf Fortress update on Steam adds an Arena mode to the game, where dwarves and creatures of all kinds test their strength in life-and-death battles.

Dwarf settlements in Dwarf Fortress on Steam have been expanded to include arenas where blood, sweat, and tears (mostly blood) flow in abundance.

Patch 50.56 adds Arena mode, known from the previous version of the game about dwarf colonizers, to the Steam edition of Dwarf Fortress. The rules are simple: the player places in an arena a certain number of characters and/or various creatures and monsters that may be found during the game, and fight to the death..

trial arena

While watching the bloody, pixelated carnage can be interesting on its own, Arena Mode primarily serves another, more important function: it allows us to test out various items, characters, or features. Such a solution is especially useful for modders. Indeed, Arena allows you to better understand the relationships between the different characters, objects, etc.

Arena mode in the Steam version received an updated version of the interface (adapted to mouse control), and battles can be customized to our liking. We not only set the size of the match or the equipment that our “gladiators” will use, but even things like the brutality of the skirmish (we can choose between non-violence and bloody pulp).

In addition to Arena Mode, Update 50.56 introduced a handful of game improvements, including fixes for some serious bugs, texture improvements, or audio tracks. The full list of changes is available here.

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