Dungeons & Dragons fans enjoyed a new adventure in theaters with the release of honor among thieves. The fast-paced D&D movie captured the hearts of veteran gamers while providing a transition to the tabletop for new players.

However, the D&D movie doesn’t just show the real-time controls, or the strategic battle once players initiate the initiative. A colorful cast of characters brings heart, comedy, and emotional connection to the journey.

For those who fell in love with Edgin, Holda, Simon and Doric, there is good news: players can now get their character sheets in DnDBeyond along with other exciting news. It’s the perfect opportunity to create new stories for the cast, or even take on villains like Sofina with a new cast of characters.

Where to get D&D Honor Among Thieves character sheets

Image by DnDByond

Players can find the honor between character sheets in DndBeyond.

Stat blocks include Doric, Edgin Darvis, Forge Fitzwilliam, Holga Kilgore, Simon Aumar, Sofina, and Zenk Yendar. can be downloaded free For anyone with a DnDBoyond account.

The cards offer descriptions with interesting new facts about each of the characters, as well as their actions, items and skills. D&D fans can even use this information when watching the movie, as it gives them an idea of ​​the commands the characters go through as they attempt actions during major plot points.

In addition to stat sheets, players can also access a set of dice inspired by the hulking dragon Themberchaud, who inhabits the Underdark, and use movie items like the Horn of Death and Helm of Disjunction. .

These Dungeons & Dragons sheets and items are a particularly exciting addition to the wide variety of resources found on DnDBeyond, especially for those who weren’t quite ready for Edgin’s story ending. Now fans can party through other classic adventures like Descent into Avernus, Strixhaven or even Spelljammer.

With many adventures to choose from, Dungeons & Dragons fans will be able to build their own adventures with the adorable band of quirky thieves.


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