The new video game adaptation of sci-fi masterpiece Dune will be a PC exclusive

Mix between real-time strategy and 4X mechanics, Dune : Spice Wars from Shiro Games offers intense opposition between the Atreides, Harkonnen, Smugglers or Fremen factions (each with their own strengths and weaknesses) on the desert planet of Arrakis, the only source of the most precious resource in the universe created by the writer Franck Herbert, namely the spice.

Players will need to balance a house’s military might, infiltration, political influence, and resource production to lead it to desert supremacy.

With so many Dune fans in the studio, the excitement I see working with this universe every day is very real, and we hope it shows in the game,” said Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games.

With all of this passion for the source material as well as the know-how accrued from making Northgard, we can’t wait to get this game into the hands of gamers.

A trailer for Dune: Spice Wars

Dune: Spice Wars will be available on PC in early access via the Steam platform from April 26.

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