DrLupo leaves Twitch for YouTube Gaming

Ben ” DrLupo ” Lupo has announced the signing of an agreement to broadcast exclusively on YouTube Gaming . This means that he is leaving Twitch , so far the most successful platform for the  North American streamer .

Through a  teaser , DrLupo confirmed that he is leaving Twitch to start broadcasting on YouTube Gaming from this August 31.

For DrLupo this move was mandatory since he was already actively creating content on YouTube. In addition, the turbulence that Twitch is currently going through, including all the protests in reference to the hate raids that today crowd the platform, also had a role in its decision.

DrLupo currently has more than 4 million followers on Twitch, while on YouTube it has almost two million in the time leading up to its first  stream . His broadcasts mostly revolve around games of the First Person Shooter ( FPS ) genre  , currently dedicating himself especially to  Escape From Tarkov and Splitgate .

YouTube Gaming and the competition to Twitch

It seems complicated that someone can currently compete with a platform like Twitch that for a few months has been on everyone’s lips worldwide. In his day, Mixer tried it by taking what at that time were the  biggest Twitch streamers , Ninja and Shroud , and not even with those they managed to face it.

DrLupo signed an agreement with Amazon in 2019 to broadcast exclusively on Twitch, but the change to YouTube Gaming is a commitment to the latter to face a giant that today has no rival.

Dr Disrespect is YouTube Gaming’s big name and he’s currently in a legal battle against Twitch, so we can hope that both he and DrLupo will slowly help this platform take on the almighty Twitch.

Brent Dubin
Brent Dubin, known as the Gaming Giant among Globe Live Media staff, is the chief Gaming Reporter for Globe Live Media. Having attended all the major events of Gaming around the World, he is sure to give you exactly the update related to gaming World you are looking for.