Media Molecule is currently working on a new PlayStation 5 live service game, but that hasn’t stopped the guys on the development team from continuing to support and enrich Dreams. With the new update, 2.51 to be exact, players will be able to completely overturn the graphics of the levels they create, giving the game a completely new face.

Dreams is renewed with the release of the new update

Update 2.51 provides, in addition to the usual improvements and optimizations for the editor, the interface and the various features, also the possibility of applying custom textures via Sticker. This is pretty much the first texturing ttol that has been introduced in the game, in such a way that all users of Dreams can modify the appearance of the 3D polygonal models used to develop different components.

The Sticker they allow users to create advanced materials and access parameters such as depth of field and lighting. This allows, for example, to create water and snow shaders starting from a single interactive sticker, which until now was possible using hundreds of flakes. So, if they are exploited properly, the Sticker will allow you to radically change the appearance of the layers, so much so that it seems that they were created with a different graphics engine.

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