With the release of Super Hero in the cinema, the universe of Dragon Ball is still expanding and includes new transformations. On this occasion, the editorial staff of JV invites you to take a look at these awakened potentials to discover the official explanations behind them. Beware of spoilers!


  • Gohan at the height of his potential?
  • A comeback for Piccolo?
  • Gohan and Piccolo on the level of Goku and Vegeta?

If you’re reading this article, you’ve already seen it in cinemas Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero who has just arrived with us after a hit abroad and you want to know more about what you watched. Obviously, this paper will contain spoilers, major spoilers on the plot of the feature film, so if you haven’t seen it yet, reading this article is at your own risk. We can, however, redirect you to our spoiler-free review, if you’re interested. That being said, let’s go.

Gohan at the height of his potential?

The flagship transformation of ”Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” is obviously Gohan Beast that Goku’s son manages to reach in anger, after having Piccolo be defeated by Cell Max. Under this form, the Saiyan sees his hair lengthening, rising in a peak on his head and turning gray, while his eyes turn red and his aura is a mixture of blue, purple and red. Thus, Gohan gains a monumental boost in power as they resist a full force attack from Cell Max to move away from it and he is even able to throw the creature with a single blow. Finally, our hero manages to defeat his opponent with a devastating Makankosappo, Piccolo’s signature technique, by aiming for the skull of the monster who is afraid of such a surge of power. At the same time, the latter is right since the energy shot is so powerful that it crosses the atmosphere to extend into space.

Seeing this new transformation, we are legitimately entitled to wonder how Gohan reached this stage. Well Akira Toriyama himself, the father of Dragon Ball we remember, explains things like this:

“Son Gohan Beast”

Gohan has been treated to quite a few transformations in the past, but this time he needed to awaken to a new form.

Gohan achieved his own unique evolution from the awakenings he experienced as a child. I called this transformation “Son Gohan Beast”, in the sense that the wild beast in him awakened.

For the design, I tried to draw him with a creepy face and pale skin, but somehow it didn’t look like Gohan. So, instead, I just gave her the usual big updo of hair which looked surprisingly particularly good. Seeing this, everyone reacted by saying “that looks so cool!”, which made me feel humbly grateful.

Frankly, I’m not sure what kind of design I should use if I ever had to find a new makeover for her! (Laughs)

From this explanation of the mangaka, we therefore understand that Gohan Beast is the sum of the character’s previous transformations, such as the Super Saiyan 2 reached during the Cell arc as well as the Ultimate Form obtained during the Boo arc, after seeing his potential awakened by old Kaïo Shin. On the one hand, this seems logical since Gohan Beast’s hair resembles SSJ 2, as does the lightning that accompanies this state which is also found in Ultimate Form. As for the power level of this transformation, it remains difficult to determine exactly. At the end of the fight against Cell Max, Gohan states that he’s not sure if Goku and Vegeta could have overcome the monster, which suggests that the Beast form is as powerful as our two heroes at this time- there, able to achieve Ultra Instinct and Evolved Super Saiyan Blue respectively. But in Akira Toriyama’s explanation of Piccolo, we can find a very interesting clue…

A comeback for Piccolo?

Of course, Gohan is not the only Z Warriors to be featured in Dragon Ball Super : Super Hero since the film has above all as central character Piccolo. He is the one in charge of watching over the Red Ribbon Army in the absence of Goku and Vegeta, while Gohan is too busy working. Faced with the threat posed by Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, Piccolo decides to use the Dragon Balls to awaken his potential as the Grand Dean of Namek is able to do.. In this way, Piccolo benefits from a significant power boost, but also from an additional transformation granted by Shenron which will be used during the fight against Cell Max.

Facing the Red Ribbon Army, Piccolo first unleashes his potential and sees his skin become clearer, with a paler green than what we usually know him to be.. In this form, the Namek manages to hold his own against Gamma 2 for some time, before finally being knocked out. By the result of this fight, we can estimate the power of the cyborgs which therefore appears particularly high in the canon of Dragon Ball Super.

Defeated, Piccolo returns from the depths of the Red Ribbon Army base with an incredible aura and a different physique. With now orange skin, the Namekian is much taller and bulkier, with red eyes and a shapeshifted face with frowning eyebrows., more pronounced cheekbones and a more chiseled jawline. As a result, Piccolo enjoys a much more imposing appearance with a symbol of the pride of the Nameks on his back which represents an Ajisa tree surrounded by an outer circle which represents Shenron.

Gohan and Piccolo on the level of Goku and Vegeta?

power level, this transformation seems less strong than Gohan Beast since it fails to overcome Cell Maxbut despite everything, it is still very effective as explained even more once Akira Toriyama:

“Orange Small”

My favorite character is Piccolo for his stoic and calm side. It’s rare to see him talking and running around as much as in this film, so that’s why it’s the first time he’s been given a proper transformation.

Since he doesn’t have any hair that can stand up, I tried to make him really massive instead. But I realized that it would be difficult to understand that he is transformed like this, so I made him orange, even if there are times when it is hard to tell the difference between this state and his form. normal.

Maybe I should have overdone it, but personally, I’m glad he finally got fighting power equal to that of Goku and the others.

Don’t you think “Orange Piccolo” is a name he could have chosen himself? Since he’s not very good at naming things.

In this explanation from the master himself, we learn something very interesting: Orange Piccolo is level with Goku and Vegeta. However, since Orange Piccolo failed to overcome Cell Max, but Gohan Beast did, we can deduce that this new transformation of Gohan makes him as powerful as Goku and Vegeta., if not more, which, we remind you, at this point in the anime’s timeline, are in the Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue Evolved stages, respectively. Enough to further strengthen the Z Warriors before their next encounter against a potential threat and we can’t wait to see these new transformations in the various Dragon Ball games.

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