Don’t Starve Together Update Now Live On Switch (Version 1.5.0), Patch Notes

Don’t Starve Together Update Now Live On Switch (Version 1.5.0), Patch Notes

The latest update for Don’t starve together It was released this week on Switch and version 1.5.0 has been released.

To celebrate the Year of the Bunnyman, players will find new content. Klei added a new in-game activity, new items, and new streaming items. It is with some tweaks and bugfixes.

The full patch notes for the Don’t Starve Together version 1.5.0 update are as follows:

new features

  • Added Bunnyman Shrine.
  • Cozy Bunnymen added.
  • Added pillow fight pit.
  • Weapons and pillow armor available at Bunnyman Shrine.
  • Bunny Lamps, Nightcap, and New Snacks available at Bunnyman Sanctuary.


  • Made adjustments to the forehead and cheeks of Woodie’s Snowfallen skin.
  • Adjusted Wes Snowfallen’s eye coloring to be slightly blue.
  • Adjusted Wormwood’s Snowfallen skin to have more shading.

Correction of errors

  • Fixed an issue where Wortox would get permanently stuck in red when loading into a world in a dying state.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Ancient Guardian and the Cave Web.
  • Fixed Wendy’s impersonator hand wraps having discolored spots.
  • Fixed Wes’ Fool having different hair when in the Custom Idle Animation.
  • Fixed Werepigs skipping an animation during attacks, causing it to transition to the next animation.
  • Fixed a leg detachment issue in Woodie’s Weremoose animations when running.
  • Fixed all base skin character hands to have less transparent dots where the color should have been.
  • Fixed Wormwood’s Moonbound base skin having green hand blades in the custom idle animation.
  • Fixed the Pup Cap having different shading for earmuffs at certain viewing angles.
  • Fixed Newts chopping down Winter Feast trees.
  • Fixed Lazy Forager not playing sounds when repaired.

Notes for modders
The selectable component using TheWorld as a selector will now emit a new selected event per world with the same parameters sent as the selected event.

All Switch players can download the new version 1.5.0 update for Don’t Starve Together now.


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