In Atomic Heart, you’re thrust into a world gone mad where the robots that should provide for your every need now attack every human in sight. The game’s story is quite linear and keeps you at bay, but it has multiple endings. This guide describes how you view each of the game’s endings and what they mean for the rest of your game.

Are there multiple endings in Atomic Heart?

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Yes, there are multiple endings in Atomic Heart. Right before the game’s final boss encounter, right after leaving Neptune, you’ll wake up with Granny Zina. After a scene has played out, you have a choice. These options boil down to, 1) leave Sechenov alone and leavethere 2) Find out about Granny Zina’s arsenal so you can go kill Sechenov. Each choice leads to a different ending, but the first one is by far the worst reward ending for the previous game. We recommend choosing the second option first, then reverting to a previous save file to test the first option.

What do the final options mean in Atomic Heart?

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If you choose to kill Sechenov, you’ll regain control in a hangar, where you can craft more ammo and weapons before the final boss. The game will then take you back to where you started, Sechenov’s office, and you’ll have to kill the twins before seeing what we think is the game’s true ending.

However, if you choose to walk away and leave Sechenov alone, the game credits will roll immediately. After watching a short scene explaining how P-3 walks away from the drama, you can return to the game from the wreckage point menu by choosing the Back to installation 3826 option. This is the second primary open location and is full of secondary content to complete unless you’ve already completed it. There is no objective benchmark. You are free to explore the region as you see fit and at your own pace.


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