When the PlayStation 5 was first launched, one of the main selling points of the console was its connection to the PlayStation 4. Usually, when a new generation of consoles is launched, older hardware becomes obsolete and no longer has any value. However, the PS5 makes a PS4 worth owning because the PS5 is able to connect to a PS4 and share the same screen. Since PS5 and PS4 can be connected, many gamers wonder if files saved on PS5 can be transferred to PS4. Many games can be played on PS4 and PS5, so is it plausible to change the save?

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Can you transfer a save file from PS5 to PS4?

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While the PlayStation 4 is less powerful hardware with outdated technology, most game companies will develop games to run on PS4 and PS5. Some companies will release a PS4 version of the game and a separate PS5 version. That being said, there are digital and physical copies of the games that work on both platforms. For example, the PS4 disc for Horizon Forbidden West runs on a PlayStation 5 console, and the platform even automatically updates the game to PS5 standards and graphics.

So if you have a PS4 copy of Horizon Forbidden West and you play it on your PS5, can you play the same save file from your PS5 on your PS4? Some titles allow cross-save connectivity if you play on the same PSN account, but most games do not enable the automatic cross-save feature. However, you can manually transfer your save file from your PS5 to your PS4 with a usb memory or the PS Plus savings in the cloud

How to Transfer Save File from PS5 to PS4

If you have a PS Plus account, you can save your save files to the PS Plus cloud. If you have a version of the game on your PS4 but only have a save file on your PS5, copy a save file to your PS5 using your PS Plus. On your PS4, go to settings and find the Application Data Management option. After selecting this option, choose the Data saved in system storage then hit Copy to game streaming storage. Find the title you want to save the file for and choose Yeah to download the backup.

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PS Plus is a subscription service, so not everyone can afford it. You can always connect a USB drive to your PS5 and transfer the save file to the drive. To transfer saved data to your device, go to settings and select Storage. Choose recorded data then select the console you want to record from. After choosing the console, highlight Copy to USB key and select the game data you want to transfer to your USB stick. You can then connect the USB drive to your PS4 to transfer the save file. To download the save file, you need to highlight the game profile in your start menu and select download recorded data. However, some titles prevent you from transferring save files.

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