When Ubisoft devs release an update, gamers tremble. That sounds a little sarcastic, but given the team’s recent patches, that’s not an exaggeration.

With Ubisoft’s lack of response (their live chat system only works for two hours a day), some players are trying to handle the situation on their own. A Twitter user by the name of Polishboy (whom we sincerely thank for the tip) found a way around the problem temporarily.

Update: For the game to work, you need to disable the Ubisoft Connection overlay in-game. To have multiple, players need to connect in-game, but invites don’t work. They are not displayed due to the missing tab. You can join the game or separately through the launcher.

Ubisoft has shut down the forums and thanks to its brand new live chat system, which only works TWO hours a day, people are stuck waiting for tickets. Fortunately, the players managed to circumvent it, otherwise it would be a disaster. There are no statements or responses from Ubi on the forums yet.”

It should be remembered that this is not Ubisoft’s first mistake. A while ago, we reported that the developers responsible for The Division 2, wanting to fix an issue with the game’s locations, released an update that confused them even more. Fortunately, this issue has been resolved. Let’s hope that now too, despite the absence of official announcements, the studio will solve the problem quite effectively.

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