In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can engage in various activities, such as fishing, harvesting, and farming, and you can use these ingredients for cooking. That’s good, because you will sometimes have to prepare recipes for quests, such as Goofy’s Bouillabaisse.


  • The Disney Dreamlight Valley Friends Dinner Quest
  • Bouillabaisse recipe from Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Friends Dinner Quest

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, you can meet Goofy, Disney’s famous goofy dog. Goofy is one of the first characters you meet during your adventures in the valley, and you will need him not only to find the royal fishing rodbut also to unlock Ariel, the little Mermaid.

If you don’t know how, know that we have a complete guide on this subject that you can find in our complete Gameloft game solution. Goofy can also entrust you with simpler missions aimed at preparing some of the 164 Disney Dreamlight Valley Recipeslike the bouillabaisse.

This appears during the quest. Dinner with friendswhere Goofy wants to invite his friend Mickey over for dinner, but doesn’t trust his cooking skills. Without further ado, find out how to prepare this 5-star recipe to help Goofy have a successful dinner:

Bouillabaisse recipe from Disney Dreamlight Valley

To unlock the quest Dinner with friends of Dingo, it will be necessary not only to reach the friendship level 6 with him, but also complete the mission Photographic memory. Once this is done, Goofy will ask you to help him prepare two dishes of bouillabaisse for him and Mickey. To do this, you will have to collect some ingredients :

  • 2 prawns: you can fish for shrimp in the blue circles from enchanted beach. Be careful though, you have to the quest is active and goofy be with you to make it count, shrimp caught before this quest is triggered will not count. For more information, do not hesitate to consult our guide to Disney Dreamlight Valley fish.
  • 2 clams: you will find clams everywhere on the enchanted beach. Those are pink seashells.
  • 2 scallops: you will find scallops all over the enchanted beach. Those are turquoise seashells.

The seafood in your pocket, Goofy entrusts you with bouillabaisse recipe and teaches you that you will need tomatoes. Normally you should have found tomato seeds in the trunk of the cursed cave from enchanted beach before starting this quest.

If you have already used them all, you will be able to buy some whole or in the form of seeds at Goofy’s stand on the beach.

Once you have all the ingredients, all you have to do is prepare two plates of Bouillabaisse using 2 seafood, 1 shrimp, 1 tomato and 1 vegetable for each, and give goofy to complete the quest.

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