We have already told you about the next live action remake of Lilo and Stitch that Disney is preparing, and we have already been able to confirm who has been chosen to embody the human half of the leading duo, that is to say Lilo. But the casting continues, and Disney has just announced who has been chosen to play Lilo’s older sister, Naniand the decision sparked a new case of debate and criticism from so-called fans.

The netizens’ complaints aren’t related to the actress in question, but rather to Disney’s approach of inaccurately casting a person who reflects the skin tone and heritage of the actual character.

And it is that Sydney Agudong was cast as Nani, and before we even have an idea of ​​how well or badly she will fit into the role of protective sister, fans have already taken to social media to point out that the character animated films that he had “a darker complexion, different hair color and other ethnic traits which are not reflected in the casting decision”, according to the BBC.

Some even called the casting decision “blatant colorism,” an accusation that Disney and its live-action remakes have faced countless times in the past, Naomi Scott’s role in Aladdin being a recent example, or the ‘Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

What do you think of Agudong’s choice to play Nani?

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