Discount giant Aldi now wants to get into the gaming business

Discount Giant Aldi now wants to get into the Gaming Business

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Globe Live Media, Friday, January 29, 2021

Aldi enters the gaming world. The discounter already sells gaming PCs and games, players should also get a contact point for streams and co. For this, their own Twitch channel Aldi Gaming TV will go live soon.

Aldi offers live streams and tutorials there, but also competitions and advertising events. The cooperation with several well-known gaming personalities should help. LoL professional Frederik Hinteregger alias NoWay, CoD streamer Georg Göttmann alias Gustaf Gabel and the FIFA streamers from FeelFIFA work together with Aldi.

Marketing director Sabine Zantis explains what Aldi wants to achieve with the cooperation:

“Our ‘ALDI Gaming’ channel on Twitch is the ideal platform for us to interact with this very specific target group, new to us, at eye level. We want to create authentic and tangible added value for them that will be remembered.”

In addition, Aldi begins a collaboration with the largest German-speaking league on League of Legends. In the Prime League, the discounter acts as a “supplier”, which suggests sponsorship including product delivery.

A “new” market

Numerous companies as well as clubs and institutions that initially have little to do with gaming are competing for the gaming scene. In addition to merchandise products such as sneakers in the style of well-known games and furniture especially for gamers, large sports clubs are also approaching the topic more and more.

Well-known teams like Schalke 04 and Bayer Leverkusen now have their own e-sports teams. So there are numerous players who do not want to miss out on the gigantic growth of the games market over the last few decades.

It looks similar internationally. In the USA, the US Army even operates a Twitch channel, but at times came under strong criticism because attempts to recruit viewers were badly received. The Bundeswehr had to put up with similar criticism at Gamescom with questionable advertising aimed at players.

Gaming report shows how strong the PC will be in 2020

In the article above you can read that the PC market is also growing and even attracting older players. This is a further indication that gaming is tapping new target groups from within the middle of society.

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