In November 2022, Square Enix announced that a The Diofield Chronicle The update would appear in March 2023. Now that it is imminent, the company has provided more details on what to expect. In addition to Waltaquin Redditch’s story, there will also be three other additions to the game. New teasers have also appeared showing a dragon opponent.

Here’s Square Enix’s tweet about it. The Diofield Chronicle free update Does not offer a March 2023 release window beyond “soon”. He also notes Waltaquin’s Story as the first major addition. For those who have played the game, they will understand the importance of gaining this additional insight into what she experienced during the adventure. As a magician, he used magic spells. As such, there will be Magic Tomes after the update.

Two of the updates will not involve the additional story. In fact in The Diofield Chronicle, users can choose Casual, Normal, or Hard difficulty options. The ad mentioned Very Hard will be available. He also noted that people with a New Game+ save can choose the extra mode.

DioField Chronicle is available on PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, with its free update coming “soon” in March 2023.

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