Over the weekends of March 17 and 24, we’re opening up a small portion of Sanctuary to players around the world as part of our Early Access and Open Beta. Over 61.5 million hours of gameplay, over 29 billion monsters killed and 2.6 million cubs collected. Throughout the beta weekend, many players took the time to share their feedback, which was reviewed by the development team along with game data. With this information, we have implemented a series of fixes and updates that will be present in the version of the game that will be launched in June.


  • Now the basements they will still grant a chest on completion and the chance of a dungeon event occurring has been increased.
  • Various skills of all abilities have been adjusted. character classes.
  • Many have been optimized dungeons of all areas to minimize the need to retrace your steps. Dungeon events now also have a higher chance of spawning.
  • We have re-evaluated the difficulty of melee characters from bosses like Tchort, Malnok, Vhenard, and others, which led to changes in attacks and combat mechanics. We have also re-evaluated the difficulty of the Butcher, which will now be harder in World Tiers III and IV.
  • Several practical improvements have been made and all classes now have access to crowd control reversal abilities with appropriate cooldowns.
  • Fixed various bugs related to UI. For example, now the cat appears on the left side of the screen and the sans serif font will be a new serif font.
  • For all the details, visit our blog.

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