A character assistant is available in Diablo IV, but you may want to change your character’s appearance once you enter the game. We explain if and how you can change your gender and change your appearance.

Our Diablo 4 guide explains if you can choose the gender of the hero and change it later in the game. As the game has a transmogrification system, you will also learn how to change the appearance of the protagonist’s equipment while keeping the stats of the best items you own.

Gender – Body Type

body type is an option available for all hero classes and offers two genders. Gender selection must be made in character creator before going into the details of the character’s appearance (face, skin color, scars, tattoos, etc.).

Unfortunately, you cannot change gender later. This decision is final.


Diablo 4 - Changing character appearance in-game, using Transmog - image #2

During the game itself, actions related to changing the appearance of the character are performed with the closet: you can find it in the hall of heroes. The first such opportunity appears after reaching Kyovashad.

Tabs in the wardrobe menu.

Diablo 4 - Changing character appearance in-game, using Transmog - image #3

In the Appearance tab, there are limited options to change the appearance of the character. You can change makeup, jewelry and brands. The other wizard options will remain unavailable.

Diablo 4 - Change character appearance in game, using transmogrification - image #4

The Wardrobe Tab is more interesting. It allows you change the appearance of your gear without affecting your stats, which offers a transfiguration system. These mods are purely cosmetic and do not affect your character traits:

  1. in the active inventory space, you can define element A and use its statistics;
  2. at the same time establishing the appearance of item B through the wardrobe; this will not affect the stats, which will still be based on item A.

Alternatively, you can also completely remove the appearance of the element. You can, for example, run your character naked and at the same time calculate the stats of the armor placed in the inventory slot.

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