Seeing your Diablo 4 Ability Intensity magnify the effects on your abilities as you level them up is one of the many touches that really make RPG Grimdark stand out as a visual masterpiece in 2023. After the Diablo 4 beta, there were questions as to whether the much-vaunted feature still existed. Luckily, the game’s associate art director has confirmed his presence and explained exactly how it works in the full game.

Responding to a fan question asking if the feature was still included, Diablo 4 visual effects developer Daniel Briggs confirms, “Yeah, it’s still in the game!” He notes that at its level 25 cap, the beta doesn’t show the full extent of how this feature works. “There’s a ton of additional content, especially in the higher world tiers,” he explains, “your skill intensity is based on your skill points and legendary affixes for that skill.”

Briggs details the various factors that determine the size and intensity of your ability effects. He says, “It’s a bit gradual as you level up, but the comparison of a maxed out skill at level one is noticeable. Blog examples are up for grabs! The blue flames of wizard abilities are the most obvious. (right away).”

As for exactly what will increase the visual intensity of your abilities, Briggs lists four different factors. Up to five points can be spent directly on the skill in your skill tree, up to six can come from skill point affixes, up to three can come from skill category affixes, and another four can come from of an “extremely rare -REDACTED- ” ” Fountain. It add that items such as legendary items and legendary nodes and glyphs can also have an effect on its size.

It’s a hugely exciting feature, so I’m personally very happy to see it definitely becoming the full product. Nothing sells your character progression as your abilities increase over time, from single hits to screen clearing to terrain.

While you wait for the Diablo 4 release date, be sure to read all of Diablo 4’s classes to help you decide which one to start with. You might also want to check the system requirements for Diablo 4 and make sure your gaming rig is ready for Lilith’s arrival, we know that.

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