Diablo 2 may be over 20 years old, but new life has been breathed into the game with the 2021 remaster. Since then, the role-playing game has regularly received new updates and in April the new ranking list season finally started.

The second season will soon start and a new patch was installed for it on September 22nd. And this update was pretty tough! Namely, it made major optional changes to the endgame of Diablo 2: Resurrected and brings other exciting changes.

Here we unravel all the innovations of Patch 2.5 and reveal when Season 2 starts.

The new endgame feature

Patch 2.5 aims to allow a larger number of people to reach level 99 in the course of their heroic life. In the past, this maximum level was a milestone that took a lot of willpower and time from us. In the future it should be possible to reach this milestone faster in Diablo 2. The developers also hope that the endgame of Diablo 2 will be even more varied.

In order to achieve all this, the new terror zones have now been introduced.

  • This is how you unlock Terror Zones
    Terror Zones is an optional feature that must be enabled when creating an online game. However, the feature must first be unlocked for each character and difficulty level by defeating Baal and thus completing Act V. However, you can also simply join a friend’s game who has already been allowed to activate Terror Zones.
  • This is how terror zones work
    Once the feature has been activated, tremors will occur in specific zones every hour. These tremors can encourage and terrorize monsters. This means that the monsters are usually at least two levels higher than you – although there is also an upper limit that determines the level of difficulty (level 48 for Normal, level 74 for Nightmare and level 99 for Hell). Such monsters drop better loot and give you even more experience.

There are some in-game clues that will help you discover the Terror Zones. At the waypoints, terror zones are marked with purple letters and you get to see a few special displays such as on-screen texts, symbols or graphic effects.
In a new zone, purple text will show you whether it is currently being terrorized.

Our Diablo experts have put together more guides for the remaster for GameStar Plus. In addition to valuable tips for beginners and returnees, you will also find inspiration for popular builds here.

All information about Season 2

When does Season 2 start?

The second ranked season for Diablo 2: Resurrected begins on October 7th at 2 a.m. It has not been announced how long the season will last. Expect at least four months.

What’s new in Season 2?

There are two big changes for Season 2. We have already presented one to you. For the first time you can play Diablo 2 with Terror Zones and reach level 99 even faster. The second big innovation are the spells with break through.

These new spells are intended to prevent certain class builds from not having a chance to grind on Hell difficulty in some zones. After all, it can happen here that enemies get complete immunity to damage types. To break such immunities, there are now six new spells. These spells are invariably found in Terror Zones, where they drop from unique, super-unique, champion, or boss monsters.

You can loot the following spells in Season 2:

  • The Black Breach: Against magical immunity
  • The broken bone: Against physical immunity
  • The cold splitter: Against cold immunity
  • The Sky Rift: Against lightning immunity
  • The Flame Gap: Against fire immunity
  • The Blight Chasm: Against poison immunity

These six new spells help break immunities.

What rankings are there?

Overall, you can compete with your characters in four different rankings. Remember that you must create a new ranked character if you want to be ranked in the ladder. You can choose from the following lists:

  • Base Game Ranking: You play the base game of Diablo 2 without expansion
  • Hardcore base game ranking: You play the base game without the expansion, but you only have one life available
  • Ranking: You play the full game including Act 5 from the expansion.
  • Hardcore-Rangliste: You play the entire game but only have one life available.

Along with all of these changes, patch 2.5 adjusts the game in other ways as well. Bugs are fixed and minor improvements are made. The entire patch notes can be found on the next page.

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