It’s been a while since we’ve heard from a developer comment specifically on the Xbox Series S, but thanks to a new interview on GamingBolt, we have some interesting thoughts to share on the future of Microsoft’s system.

The outlet spoke with Tadas Migauskas, who is the designer and producer of the recent Mars Caverns: Recharged, and seems to believe that the S-Series might struggle in some areas as the generation progresses. This struggle is tied to Microsoft’s performance target for the Xbox Series S, which was originally set at 1440p resolution and 60 frames per secondand Migauskas seems to think it will be difficult to maintain over the long term, especially for graphics-intensive games.

The Xbox Series S features less hardware than the Xbox Series X and is promoted by Microsoft as a 1440p/60 FPS console. Do you think it will be able to stand up to the most graphics-intensive games as this generation progresses?

“Short answer: no. If we take the (bad) FLOPS metric and compare Xbox Series X to Xbox Series S, you get a 3x difference in GPU computing power. Most games today use lazy pipelines, so the number of pixels rendered can translate quite directly to computational complexity. Now, if we take the expected resolution targets for both consoles, we get a 2.25x difference. Add that to reduce the available memory size and it becomes quite difficult to keep up.”

Of course, it’s not so surprising to hear that the Xbox Series S might struggle to maintain its performance target of 1440p/60FPS, as many AAA games on the market don’t hit that right now, although they are usually not too far away.

The question is, what will happen in a few years when AAA games have evolved even further and the Xbox Series S starts to look even more like an Xbox One S in terms of its downsides compared to its big brother? That remains to be seen…but for now, we really think the Xbox Series S is still a fantastic buy in 2023.

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