Destiny 2 XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1 detection could be coming to the popular FPS game, according to a Bungie developer comment shared by The Verge recently. Destiny 2 players who use these tools to improve their game can finally upgrade to aiming training software to improve those headshots. These tools have long conferred unfair advantages in FPS games, such as enabling controller aim assist for mouse and keyboard users and making it easier for them to shoot.

The Bungie developer comment, which according to The Verge was made in February, suggests the team is actively looking for ways to detect XIM, Cronus, and ReaSnow S1 tools that allow mouse and keyboard players to take advantage of the controller support to give them significant in-game advantages. This is especially noticeable in PvP activities such as Destiny 2 Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris, as it can allow poorly targeted players to eliminate superior players who have meticulously perfected their craft over the years.

Regarding the use of tolls such as XIM, Cronus Zen, and ReaSnow S1 in their popular multiplayer game, a Bungie team member notes that the team is looking into solutions. “‘It’s something we’re currently looking into,’ Bungie told The Verge in February, but the company has yet to announce its own detection system for Destiny 2,” reports The Verge.

Bungie takes cheating very seriously, as evidenced by several lawsuits against major cheaters, including a recent lawsuit against AimJunkies that resulted in a $4 million reward for the game development studio. The game also uses BattleEye to prevent cheaters, much like games like Fortnite: Battle Royale, Rainbow Six Siege, and Escape From Tarkov.

One way these devices work is to allow players to modify the output of their controller device, meaning it reads mouse and keyboard as a controller, and therefore adds the assist modifier to the aim of the controller that usually exists to actively help controller players. compete against mouse and keyboard players. Controller commands are often less precise.

The modifier allows the PC player to prefer between mouse, keyboard, and controller and provides overall fairness in cross-play where controller players could not successfully compete with mouse and keyboard players. Other perks include scripts that allow weapons to control recoil and enable rapid fire mods. Console gamers sometimes use tools like these to enable mouse and keyboard controls in console games that don’t natively support them.

However, these devices are usually harder to detect than software tricks. The anti-cheat software can quickly detect game code changes and anomalies, while historically it does not recognize ports like XIM and Cronus Zen because mods take place outside of the game environment.

While there is little argument that these devices exist for accessibility reasons, the reality is that the vast majority of gamers who use these products do not use them for such reasons.

While there’s no clear indication that Bungie will address the use of these third-party tools or, if so, when, the development studio is working hard to prevent players from gaining strategic advantages in the game. Many players consider XIM and related tools to be a cheat outright, which means that players who rely on these tools should start seriously considering marksmanship training in case they don’t want to do face ban as they appear in the game Destiny 2 Season 21 and explore all it has to offer.

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