The Final Warning exotic weapon introduced in Destiny 2 Lightfall might need to be nerfed. Several fans called the weapon “absolutely broken”, “crazy” and even “innovative”. Not only can he fire multiple shots with increased stability, his bullets can track targets around walls and in cover.

Final Warning works like Titanfall’s smart gun

Long story short, Exotic Final Warning works the same way as Titanfall’s Smart Gun. To demonstrate the power of this weapon in Crucible, Destiny Bulletin on Twitter shows a video (posted above) of the gun’s bullets aiming at targets like a hawk. This is due to the Exotic’s Pick Your Poison trait, which also grants bullets a much higher velocity and the ability to deal bonus critical hit damage on marked targets.

Then, for a tactical advantage, Follow the destination on Twitter it highlights how bullets can be fired over a shield (e.g. a Titan character’s Barricade ability) and hit an enemy without too much trouble. A YouTube user named Luckyy 10P explains this defensive strategy in more detail, calling the handgun a “game-breaker”.

While some users comment that the Final Warning may need to be nerfed or disabled in PvP in an update, some believe it actually works as intended. Players need a lot of skill to bring out the weapon’s full potential, and there are a few strategies to work around its tracking abilities. It’s still too early to tell if this Exotic needs a nerf, so we’ll see what Bungie does with the weapon in future patches for Destiny 2.

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