EA patterns confirmed that Dead Space Remake been checked For steam bridge. Dead Space has been continuously updated since its release, and this latest news is a huge step forward for the game.

In general, the remake was a big surprise for gamers. Dead Space Remake received critical acclaim and was rewarded with strong sales numbers. Players praised the new visual effects, as well as updated sections that remove tedious parts from the original.

The first Dead Space was already a horror classic, so improving it is no small feat for EA Motive. Fans are hoping the developer will continue to support the game, ironing out the few bugs the title has had.

Now this news comes via the official Dead Space Twitter account, revealing that the remake is already verified for Steam Deck. It’s been over three weeks since the game’s initial release, and Steam Deck players have been eagerly awaiting this official announcement.

Although players have already been able to play Dead Space on the device, this verification gives users confirmation that the game will be a great experience on the Steam Deck.

The announcement may cause some gamers to finally buy the game after waiting to make sure it works as expected. Dead Space instantly becomes one of the best games for Steam Deck and offers gamers the best way to play EA Motive’s horror title on the go.

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