Against all attention, Dead Island 2 announces an early release date! Something to enjoy before this expected match.

Dead Island 2 has passed through our hands and we must admit that they make you want. Our preview reveals a promising and incredibly enjoyable title. Against all expectations, it must be said that it is generally the opposite that happens in the world of video games, the zombie title is entitled to an advanced release date! Finally, on April 21, Dead Island 2 lands on consoles and PC.

An advanced release date for Dead Island 2

After years of delay, Dead Island 2 announces totally opposite news. That of an early release date, certainly 7 days but we do not spit it out! Deep Silver, in the edition, presents the date of April 27 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC (via Epic Games Store). Thus, the game avoids confrontation with another title that we imagine much more expected by players, namely Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Remember that Dead Island 2 was announced in 2014 then it fell very late. Originally, Yager (Spec Ops: The Line) was in charge of development. The project was then taken over by Sumo Digital before handing it over to Dambuster, publisher Deep Silver’s in-house studio.

Dead Island 2 is a title open world with zombies. Imagine Dying Light without parkour and even less in first year, you get this future title playable in cooperation with 6 characters available.

In its official description, Dead Island 2 is presented as a game “ To take place in Los Angeles in quarantine while the military retreated (…) Only you and the handful of survivors who resist the pathogen can save the city and humanity. “.

We leave you with the conclusion of our preview of Dead Island 2: Dead Island 2 achieved the unthinkable: despite its excessive gestation period, It’s a real nugget that managed to amaze us. Thoroughly modern and fun, it returns to show Dying Light 2 who’s the student and who’s the teacher. Its impeccable staging does honor to the gameplay, which is very effective. We can’t wait to go back to Los Angeles to cross hundreds of ghouls! »

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