In a victory for accessibility, the horror radio in Dead by Daylight will soon become visible and audible, with a new DBD update that aims to improve the horror gaming experience for the hearing impaired. Until now, if you wanted to know when Dead by Daylight’s killers were coming, you had to rely primarily on sound, but BHVR is completely changing that with an all-new visual option.

While this new update doesn’t yet have a release date, BHVR is sharing an image of the revamped Visual Horror Radio, which gives some clues as to how it works. At this time, if a killer is approaching, you may hear the sound of an increasingly faster heartbeat, depending on the proximity of the killer.

This puts hearing-impaired players at a disadvantage, as there are no visual or other equally distinctive clues to a killer’s location. The new terror ray mechanic will show your survivor’s heart inside their chest: the faster it beats and the brighter it shines, the closer you are to being hacked. You can see an example below:

BHVR confirms that the new Terror Ray will be completely optional and disabled by default, but you can enable it by visiting the Dead by Daylight accessibility settings menu.

Although we’re still awaiting a release date, the developer says the new visual horror radio is “coming soon”. This potentially won’t take too long – a version of this feature already exists in the DBD mobile game, so hopefully porting it to the base experience won’t present too much work for BHVR.

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