Jal and as promised, the Kings League InfoJobs had many surprises in store for the Final Four. With one of them they managed to break the internet, and that is that the announcement that Neymar Jr. would join the Kings League Brazil as owner was more than enough to crown social networks and arouse curiosity and the hype of anyone becoming a fan. call football fan

However, that wasn’t the only surprise of the afternoon. As they previously announced in the latest After Kings program, they had a lot of stuff ready. One of them was linked to one of the best players in the history of Spanish football and one of the strikers who gave the fans of the Spanish football team the most joy.

“There is a lot of quality, a lot of level and a lot of competitiveness”

David Villa talks about the Kings LeagueKings League InfoJobs

David Villa, world and European champion with Spain, answered questions put to him by the competition. It was a short and very direct interview, but it left some pretty interesting statements. Especially in the second, since he spoke about the quality of the competition and the level of its players.

He did so after speaking to the players, explaining that it was a “unique day for them” and that, although it was “Throughout the league, being at the Camp Nou, with so many people, is something special”. After that, when asked what he thought of the level of the very diverse footballers who were competing, he had no hesitation in praising what was shown.

“I saw the level. Obviously it’s a smaller space. It’s a different football because it’s smaller, but there is a lot of quality, a lot of level and a lot of competitiveness. And they benefit people”, explained the former world and European champion, while dropping that he had seen several league matches.

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David Villa on Kings League InfoJobs:

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