a player of Hogwarts Legacy explored the open world and came across what appears to be a nod to From software and their popular games dark souls.

Easter eggs are a popular way for developers to hide game content for players to find, especially in the vast landscapes of open-world games.

The latest title to fall into this genre is Hogwarts Legacy, a game that brings the Wizarding World universe established in the Harry Potter books to life. Hogwarts Legacy, while taking place much earlier in this timeline, allows players to explore iconic locations such as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Castle Grounds, Hogsmeade Village, the dark forest and much more.

With such a vast world to populate, developers at Avalanche Software have taken the opportunity to hide many secrets for players to discover, including many books and moves, such as the book in which Tom Riddle discovered the Horcruxes. for the first time.

These secrets aren’t limited to the franchise, however, as one player found a pretty clear nod to the Dark Souls franchise. On the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, a user named inevitabletardamf22 posted a thread showing what appears to be some nods to From Software.

After coming across an area full of tombstones, in an area where Merlin’s demo is taking place, near the Lair of the Inferi, the player noticed the huge tombstones protruding from the vertical wall and matched them with the ones on the wall. similar aspect that were in Elden Ring, in the area known as Limgrave.

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