Crysis 4: development will be handled by the director of Hitman 3

Crysis 4: development will be handled by the director of Hitman 3

One shooting is the same as the other: the director of Hitman 3 joins the development team of Crysis 4, the social profile of the series reveals it

A small teaser dating back to January confirmed the existence of Crysis 4 , and existing fans of the series are likely to join, too, some players of Hitman 3. The news on the title in progress are still scarce, but the shooter (continuation of the third chapter dating back to 2012) is in gestation to the detriment of the press blackout. Today, however, the game’s Twitter profile announced who will lead the creative process. And as you may have guessed from our incipit, the new face in the ranks of Crytek will give the project a respectable pedigree, despite two different gameplay rhythms.

From the bald head of Hitman 3 to the helmet of Crysis 4

Hitman 3 director Mattias Engström joins the large Crytek family to bring Crysis 4 to life . In his curriculum, Engström includes the entire trilogy of the “murderous world” of Agent 47, but not only. The lead designer took the reins of the IO Interactive macrotrama finale , that’s true, but before that he also assisted Ubisoft as a level designer for Far Cry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations . Before that, he took care of the dormant series World in Conflict , again for the French publisher. We let you consult the post on Crytek’s social profile.

Crytek took advantage of the announcement to direct attention to their job offers . The German studio is offering many seats for its desks, from art directors to game and level designers. Unfortunately they are not encouraging roles for the anticipation that fans of the series will have to face. The confirmation of the development of the title dates back to a 2012 that seems very far away. At the time, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli insisted on the series’ future free-to-play. We’ll see if we still find the peaceful coexistence between fiction and business model that Yerli was talking about at the time.

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