The popular strategy game Crusader Kings III will receive a series of novelties this year. The largest of the expansions will take the player on a long journey through the realm.

Paradox Interactive, a revered publisher primarily associated with its complex strategy games, has shared details of a new set of expansions for Crusader Kings III. chapter two is a set of four DLCs that expand the game with additional content. Medieval strategy fans who decide to purchase the set will have access to the following parts of the set throughout 2023.

Court fashion magazine

Already now, as a minor “appetizer”, the developer has shared a small gift with the players. Constituting the first part of the whole, Imperial elegance is a minor update/DLC, which introduces a handful of cosmetic items to the game. Inspired by the attires of Emperor Henry II and Empress Kunegunda, the variety of outfits will breathe some fresh air into court wardrobes.

Crusader Kings 3 is getting a curved mustache;  Massive DLC coming soon - image #2

Additionally, fans of fancy beards will likely be happy to hear that a new style of mustache has also been introduced to the game.

Crusader Kings 3 is getting a curved mustache;  Massive DLC coming soon - image #3

Empire Elegance is exclusively available to owners of Chapter II.

Travels and major tournaments

The highlight of the new season pass for Crusader Kings III However, will the next big expansion be titled Rounds and tournaments.

Announced for May 11 this year, the DLC will be themed around travel. The player’s mighty lord, accompanied by his retinue, will embark on a long journey through the lands he owns. In his journey he will meet his subjects and his vassals.

One of the most interesting mechanics that will appear in the game for the launch of the new expansion is an advanced regency system.. To facilitate the management of the realm in absentia, the player can use specially appointed proxies, who will exercise authority over the designated area on their behalf.

The Regents co-op and management system will feature plenty of customization options, and you can read more about the details in the developer diary dedicated to the aforementioned feature.

Crusader Kings 3 is getting a curved mustache;  Massive DLC coming soon - image #4

In addition to mechanics related to power distribution, Rounds and tournaments will also feature a variety of additional content.

  1. The game will feature the announced knight tournaments. These events will offer a chance to gain popularity among local nobles, while the bravest fighters will receive special honorary titles.
  2. In addition to brutal sports, the game will also feature a number of additional activities related to travels in the kingdom. The protagonist will participate in hunting, feasting and honoring the marriage ceremonies of local nobles with his presence.
  3. The political aspect of the aforementioned efforts is heavily emphasized in the trailer and previews. Lavish Parties and Lavish Tournaments should be a great opportunity to introduce or target the player character’s knowledge and intrigues.

It should be noted that some of the new mechanics will also be introduced to the game in the form of updates for those who choose not to purchase the latest expansion.

CK3 – future plans, price, release dates

In just over a month, Tours and Tournaments will be the second part of the Chapter II package. Next in line is Guardians and Guardians (with education and relationships with children as the main theme) has been announced for the third quarter of this year.

Chapter II is available for purchase on Steam right now. The package price is $39.99 and, of course, it is only available to owners of the base version of the game. All items included in the package can also be purchased separately. In this case, for the Tours main extension &; Tournaments, we will pay $35.99.

Crusader Kings III is available on PC from September 1, 2020, with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S versions releasing last March. However, at the moment there is no exact information about the second season pass for the console versions.

  1. Chapter II Bundle on Steam
  2. The expansion on the game’s official website.

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