The evidence is piling up on CSGO ported to Source 2, the developers are finally reacting!

For several months the rumor has been circulating about the imminent launch of CSGO 2, fueled by leaks in new NVIDIA drivers, reports from Richard Lewis, and even evidence of Source 2 files being loaded into the pre-release game. But, despite that, Valve, the developer of CSGO, remained silent until a joke lit up the web.

The carry that scares the web

During the ESL Pro League, the cast and commentators joked about the CSGO rabid hunt. Big-name players like Karrigan even got in on the prank. But it was thanks to ESL’s tweet on the subject that the CSGO Twitter account finally broke its silence with a simple gif of Michael Scott from The Office.. This single reply caused a frenzy online, receiving more likes, retweets and comments than the original ESL tweet.

Also, teams like Heroic, BIG and NIP requested the release of the portwhile personalities from the CSGO scene such as Karrigan, Launders and ohnePixel have added their two cents to the mountain of memes.

By all accounts, this is the first and so far only official response from Valve to the existence of the CSGO port. However, this is not enough to calm the spirits. The gaming community continues to eagerly await an official announcement regarding the release of the port.

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