Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Cheat will not work, Valve confirms

Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test Cheat will not work, Valve confirms

The Counter-Strike 2 release date is right around the corner, and the new Source 2 version of Valve’s flagship FPS game is set to bring new weapons, maps, and skins when it launches later this year. For now, however, the limited Counter-Strike 2 test is all we care about. Since access is only offered to certain CSGO players, it seemed like there was a trick to gaining access to the Steam shooter on the sly. Valve, however, says that won’t work. Boo.

We’ve already compiled all the changes to Counter-Strike, covering everything from new smoke grenades, reworked weapon skins and rebuilt maps in Source 2. Naturally, we’re all eager to try it out; in fact, CSGO just broke its previous player count record as the hype surrounding Valve’s in-store shooter massively intensifies.

However, the limited CS2 trial is only available to certain players. Streamers, CSGO pros, Valve content creators, and people with lots of Global Offensive game time seem to be on the front line, and it’s the latter category that at one point seemed to be exploitable.

If you hang around CSGO lobbies long enough, just leave your PC running with Counter-Strike open in the background, it’ll increase your playtime and maybe point you to Valve for the CS2 beta, right ? Error.

“Being inactive on official matchmaking servers in CSGO does not increase your chances of making it to the CS2 Limited test”, Valve of, insistently. “The game time that counts was the game time before the start of the limited test.”

yuck. I’m sorry everyone. It looks like we’ll have to wait until CS2 gets an extended public test or the full release of Counter-Strike 2 this summer. In the meantime, it looks like Valve Anti-Cheat is getting a complete overhaul and will automatically void CS2 matches in progress.

All of your Global Offensive items will carry over to CS2, so make sure you have the best CSGO sights. As we look forward to summer, you might also want to check out some of the other best free Steam games available.

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