Counter Strike 2 formalized for the summer of 2023, the first info

Counter Strike 2 formalized for the summer of 2023, the first info

It’s official: Counter Strike 2 is coming Summer 2023 as a free update to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Here is the first information about it.

More than ten years after the release of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the time has come for Valve’s tube to enter a new era. For the past few weeks, there have been multiple noises in the hallway suggesting the possibility that an announcement related to a new job is imminent. Now it’s official because the studio has just announced Counter Strike 2, which is already scheduled for release in the summer of 2023. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Counter Strike 2 officialized for the summer of 2023!

“With Counter Strike 2, Counter Strike takes the biggest technical leap in its history and guarantees new features and updates for years to come” can we read on the official website of the license. However, it will be necessary to arm yourself with a little patience before knowing more about this subject, since Valve says all the info will come this summer, when the game launches… as a free CS:GO update. What good news !

However, the developers have no intention of leaving their community with nothing until then. In the next weeks, a reserved test phase “to a handful of CS:GO gamers and gamers” it will work out with the end of “allows to evaluate part of the features (of the game) to eliminate any problem before its worldwide release”. And even better, the study already gives us an overview of these features in a detailed report.

A first glimpse of what’s new

no surprise, Counter Strike 2 will first benefit from a technical update in all its aspects. In addition to offering high definition images, more realistic sound effects and a renewed interface, the title will include an update or even a real overhaul of all your Source 2 cards. This engine will also allow Valve to upgrade all the equipment obtained so far, and improve the action during matches.

For example, one of the aspects highlighted is based on volumetric effects related to smoke grenades, which will now react in real time to the environment, lighting, gunshots and even explosions. Besides, tickrate will no longer influence movement, firing, or throwing grenades. And these are just a few examples among many, because the study clearly shows that ” This is just the beginning “. See you in the months to come!

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