Counter-Strike 2 finally officially announced!  – Watch the videos!  – Game News

Counter-Strike 2 finally officially announced! – Watch the videos! – Game News

Counter-Strike 2 officially confirmed: watch the gameplay videos. Counter-Strike 2 has come true. Valve Corporation showed off the improvements the Source 2 engine will bring to CSGO.

We had to wait a long time, but Valve Studio has finally officially confirmed that Counter-Strike 2 will be released soon. Yes, that’s the exact name used in the titles of three videos that suddenly appeared on the company’s YouTube channel. All the materials that discuss the improvements over CS:GO, which we will see in the game with the introduction of the Source 2 engine, can be seen below.

CS2 will debut this summer. Below we will also know all the news that we will receive with the release of this update.

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