Officialized by Valve this week, Counter Strike 2 is at the center of all discussions. And although its launch is not expected for several months, the studio has already revealed the launch price of its future title.

For millions of players around the world, it was definitely THE news not to be missed this week. After multiple noises of corridor on the subject, Indeed, Valve formalized the arrival of Counter Strike 2 this Wednesday, with a release date scheduled for the summer of 2023.. For the occasion, the study revealed a certain amount of information which notably answered the big question at the start: at what price will it sell?

How much will Counter Strike 2 sell for?

And to the delight of Counter Strike: Global Offensive fans, the answer is… €0! Yeah, Counter Strike 2 will be offered for free to all players, as it will simply be implemented as an update to the latter. And since CS:GO became free-to-play at the end of 2018, naturally, there won’t be a penny left to spend to enjoy it.

Note however that players who wish can, in exchange for the sum of €14.19 currently, afford Prime status to meet only with and against other people who possess this status. It also allows you to receive exclusive souvenir items, as well as random endgame items and weapon crates. In short, nothing that is not already available via CS:GO, although we are not immune to certain developments to come.

As a reminder, Counter Strike 2 will be available on PC in the summer of 2023. A mobile version could also be considered.

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