CoD Warzone: This is how Outbreak Event works & what Rewards are there

CoD Warzone: This is how Outbreak Event works & what Rewards are there

In the early morning hours of February 25, 2021, Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War started. With the “Outbreak Event” not only the long-awaited zombies move into the Battle Royale game, but there is also a new game mode of the same name in CoD: Cold War.

In this article we explain how the event works and which rewards you can unlock for your CoD account during the event period. All other important information about the Season 2 update can be found in our large overview.

This is how the Outbreak Event works in CoD Warzone

With the release of Season 2 there were some changes to the Verdansk map of Call of Duty: Warzone. This also includes a new point of interest: Shipwreck of the tanker Vodianoy, where the Outbreak Event will take place in Warzone until March 11, 2021.

This is how the event works: On this ship, which is located in the south of the map near the prison, you and your squad are lurking zombies. The goal of your team should be to kill all the undead here, because there is a reward for this: The zombies give you a yellow key card with which you can open a yellow loot box that is also in the ship and that is full of valuable equipment.

You can see what it looks like in action in the following video:

Zombie cosmetics as a reward

By killing the zombies in the shipwreck, you can not only gain fat loot during the game, but also unlock cosmetic rewards such as stickers and weapon tags in zombie design during the event period.

The following missions have to be completed in Battle Royale:

  • Aim for the Head – Calling Card: In Warzone, »kill 20 Zombies with headshots«
  • Cleaning Supplies – Charm: In Warzone, »eliminate 20 Zombies«
  • Strange Emission – Emblem: In Warzone, »use lethal equipment to kill 8 Zombies«
  • Skull Survivor – Emblem: In Warzone, »use vehicles to eliminate 3 Zombies«
  • Heads Blazin’ – Sticker: In Warzone, »eliminate 5 Zombies in a single match 3 times«
  • Shotgun Eliminations – Calling Card: In Warzone, »use Shotguns to eliminate 8 Zombies«
  • One Punch, Two Punch – Calling Card: In Warzone, »rapidly kill 2 or more Zombies 2 times«
  • Immolation – Emblem: In Warzone, use »Pistols to eliminate 8 Zombies«
  • Quick Elimination – Calling Card: In Warzone, »eliminate 8 Zombies before the first circle closes«

Outbreak-Modus in Black Ops: Cold War

The zombie mode of CoD: Cold War gets a new game mode, which is also called Outbreak. Unlike other zombie modes, there are no set paths to the goal. Players can take as much time as they want to explore the area. You can either search for rewards in loot chests, encounter various random events, or activate a test computer.

In addition, at the start of each round you get one of four different missions, which are played on the well-known Fireteams Dirty Bombs maps:

  • Defend: Here you have to secure a completely intact sample of zombie genes, put it in a device for research purposes, and defend the machine while the data is uploaded.
  • Escort: Here you have to escort a rover through the breakout zone and lead to a dimensional portal.
  • Retrieve: Somewhere in the eruption zone there are two Aether Harvesting Units that have collected raw Aetherium from the atmosphere and stored Aetherium crystals in their safety canisters. These etherium canisters need to be moved quickly to a safe place, more precisely to a rocket.
  • Eliminate: In this mode, special elite enemies are marked on your map, which you have to eliminate in any order.
  • Holdout: Here it is necessary to track down and destroy a massive ether crystal. To do this, you have to place explosives and protect them from onrushing zombie waves for a set period of time.

After completing the set mission, your team must go to a beacon. Here you can now decide whether you want to end the mission or travel through a portal into the Dark Aether, where further missions and even bigger rewards await you.

CoD Cold War: Zombie hordes and monsters in the trailer for the outbreak update
CoD Cold War: Zombie hordes and monsters in the trailer for the outbreak update.

As with Warzone, Outbreak will have cosmetic rewards to win during the event period:

  • Gas Mask – Charm: In Outbreak, »successfully exfil 3 times«
  • Friends – Sticker: In Outbreak, »eliminate 250 Zombies«
  • Dark Aether – Accessory: In Outbreak, »eliminate 10 elites«
  • Grasp for Power – Sticker: In Outbreak, »open 25 chests«
  • Pure Anguish – Charm: In Outbreak, »complete 3 World Events«
  • On the Move – Calling Card: In Outbreak, »Wrap 10 times«
  • Special Eliminations – Calling Card: In Outbreak, »eliminate 3 Special Zombies«
  • Not the Last – Emblem: In Outbreak, »use vehicles to eliminate 100 Zombies«
  • Stitched Together – Charm: In Outbreak, »complete 10 objectives«

The outbreak event in CoD: Black Ops ends, just like in Warzone, on March 11th, 2021. You can play the zombie mode for free until March 4th.

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