CoD Warzone: New World Record with 143 Kills, but there is Criticism

CoD Warzone: New World Record with 143 Kills, but there is Criticism

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In January 2021, the seemingly unbeatable world record in the quad mode of Call of Duty: Warzone was broken. A team of four players managed to take out almost all of the players from a lobby with 150 participants. However, there is criticism: At the moment it is not yet 100% clear whether the world record was really right.

The current world record: 143 kills

Getting 138 kills with four players in one match was the previous world record in Call of Duty: Warzone. It took a little longer than half a year, but it was cracked on January 11, 2021. The team consisting of the players TheMylesLive, JerK, ScummN and Stukawaki achieved five more kills: All in all 143 out of a total of 146 opponents.

The video included above shows the endeavor in Warzone’s quad mode.

How did you get the record?

The team went into the quad mode of Warzone and relied primarily on the two weapons that are considered to be particularly powerful: the DRM and MAC-10. In addition, the four players were well coordinated and communicated efficiently with each other. So they could always have the upper hand.

The total of 143 kills are distributed among the individual members as follows:

  • Stukawaki: 48 Kills
  • MN: 43 Kills
  • TheMylesLive: 27 Kills
  • JerK: 25 Kills

Can you beat the record? The two weapons the four players are betting on have been weakened via patches since their record. But even with the criticized OP variants, the old record of 138 kills seemed unbeatable. After all, you have to do almost the entire lobby as a team.

Without these powerful weapons, this record looks even more unbeatable than before. You can read here how exactly the opinion boosters were weakened:

There is strong criticism of the players in the comments on YouTube. Many users explain that the level of the team was much higher than that of their opponents. There is also some accusation that the opponents could be bots. According to many critical voices, it is “impossible” that the entire lobby only fought against the quad team and there are also allegations of cheat.

Matchmaking can be avoided: It is not impossible to enter an appropriate lobby. In the recent past, players found a way to bypass skill-based matchmaking in order to be able to play in low-level lobbies.

Criticism of older records too? Even with the old record of 138 kills, corresponding criticism was sometimes expressed. At the time, however, to a somewhat lesser extent.

The problems of Warzone

With Call of Duty: Warzone itself, however, according to our editor Philipp Elsner, things are currently going wrong. He thinks it is currently suffering from five major problems. Starting with cheaters, to bugs and problems with matchmaking.d96bb91181ce477a9dcd02df188c986f

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