It was one of the biggest criticisms that Warzone developer Raven Software had to listen to again and again: “You communicate too little with the players!”

That could finally change, as the new patch for Season 3 shows. There are exciting changes in it – and, above all, lots of explanations as to why they are actually necessary.

Why Activision and the developers urgently need to talk more to their community, we have also discussed here in our expert talk.

What changes are in the update?

It reads like a sweeping blow: Powerful weapons such as the Streetswiper Shotgun and the FARA 83 are weakened, the attachments change a lot and annoying bugs such as map glitches are also fixed. How to summarize the most important changes:


  • The CR-56 Amax is minimally nerfed – its damage is reduced by one point (now 31 points). This increases their time-to-kill (TTK) and makes them a little less powerful.
  • The FARA 83 Now only deals 1.35 times normal damage on headshots (was 1.5). In addition, the target speed (ADS) is slowed down a bit.
  • Streetswiper: This shotgun is currently the most powerful of its kind. Its basic values ​​have been nerfed.
  • The Bullfrog SMG will be adjusted – on the one hand the damage has been reduced, but the maximum damage range and your running speed have been increased.
  • The PPSh-41 should feel more unique after a boost to their damage range and a drastic reduction in the firing delay (i.e. the time between “pull the trigger” and “bullet goes off”).

These weapons will be customized in the new patch.

Why these changes? Raven Software explains each weapon customization in detail in the patch notes. One factor always seems to be in the foreground: There should be many more exciting options instead of fewer creaking that make up the entire meta. For this purpose, damage and TTK tips are removed, but weapons are also realigned, such as the PPSh-41.

The developers are reaching out directly to the players affected by the weapon changes:

“There are millions of you and if we reduce the effectiveness of a weapon, we are guaranteed to change someone’s favorite weapon. Because we play this game ourselves, it hurts us just as much. Still, we are torn. We are them Guardians of this game – we do it for you. That is why we are tasked with maintaining the health and integrity of the game. We ask that you do not view these changes as targeted attacks, but as part of our larger initiative to to raise the skill limit.”


Many essays now have different effects. The best thing to do is to take half an hour of your time and go through your setups at the armory in peace – so you can be sure that you are still ideally equipped.

  • The Optics attachment Axial Arms 3X for the popular Cold War variant of the AK-47 has been improved.
  • Above all, many stocks have been changed, clear Nerf is available for Tactical and SAS Combat / Spetznaz Stock, among others.

Why these changes? As Raven Software explains in the patch notes, it is very important to them that all weapon types have their authorization. In Warzone, Assault Rifles have practically taken over the role of SMGs in recent months, because certain shaft attachments have greatly increased their mobility. After the adjustments, this should no longer happen in the future.

A final promise: In the notes, Raven Software briefly addresses the criticism that they are only redesigning weapons from Cold War. In the future, you definitely plan to check out problematic weapons from Modern Warfare. In addition to all these changes, there could also be a new feature in Warzone soon – fast travel portals.

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