CoD Warzone: How to get the wakizashi and become a samurai

CoD Warzone: How to get the wakizashi and become a samurai

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With our tips you will quickly get the new Wakizashi sword from Call of Duty: Warzone in your hands.With our tips you will quickly get the new Wakizashi sword from Call of Duty: Warzone in your hands.

Together with the mid-season update for Call of Duty: Warzone, the Wakizashi also made it into the Battle Royale title, a new melee weapon. However, you have to prove yourself first before you can use them. We’ll tell you how to unlock the sword.

This is how you get the wakizashi in Warzone

In order for you to be able to pull into matches with more than one knife, you first have to show that you have mastered the combat knife. You do this by two finishers with the combat knife in ten different matches gets.

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The easiest way to get there

  • Armament: Always take the knife with you as a second weapon.
  • Perk-Loadout: Paranoia, tracker and ninja
  • Equipment: Smoke grenades can make sneaking up unnoticed easier for you.
  • Maps: If possible, play on tight maps like Nuketown in Cold War. The unlock also counts for Warzone.
  • Kill opponents on the ground: In Warzone itself you can first shoot the enemy and then, while he is on the ground, execute the finisher with the knife.
  • Tactics: Wait at corners for unsuspecting opponents and then sneak behind them.
  • Saves time: You don’t have to play the matches in full for the challenge to count. After you have your two finishers, you can leave them.

This is how the finishers work

You use a finisher by sneaking behind your goal and then the Melee attack button (Standard assignment: E) presses. You can recognize them by the fact that, unlike normal finishers, you see them from the third person.

The finisher only counts if you really have the see the entire animation end can. If another player kills the enemy while you are executing the finisher, the animation is canceled and the kill does not count towards your challenge.

With the wakizashi in hand, you look a lot more threatening.With the wakizashi in hand, you look a lot more threatening.

Alternative: buy

If you want to try the sword right away, you can buy the Disavowed Assassin Bundle for 1,600 COD points. You either get the points themselves with real money in the shop, or you can earn them via the Battle Pass. You already get some CoD points in the free tier.

That’s in the Disavowed Assassin Bundle

  • Wakizashi Legendary blueprint: Donor Organs
  • Portnova Legendary Skin: Killer Bee
  • Legendary Finishing Move: Dangerous Approach
  • Epic Emblem: Mark of the Mamba
  • Epic Calling Card: Black Mamba

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What is a wakizashi?

While the katanas are very well known in the west, there are many more Types of Japanese swords, the so-called Nihontou. One of them, which was also worn by samurai, is the wakizashi. It is smaller than a katana, but larger than a tanto.

Like the katana, the sword was a status symbol. In the Edo period, samurai were expected to carry a second, smaller blade in addition to their katana. The choice often fell on the wakizashi. In battle it was mainly used in tight spaces, but also to behead a defeated opponent. It was also used in seppuku, the ritual suicide.

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