That’s it, since this morning, the new season of Warzone is launched and as usual it is rich in content. For example, there is a new vehicle that has just appeared, the Dirt Bike. We tell you all about it here!

Power is nothing without mastery

On paper, the Dirt Bike has plenty to appeal to many Call of Duty: Warzone players! Indeed, it is quite simply the fastest vehicle that you will be able to find in your games and necessarily said like that it’s enticing.

The problem is, the more speed you try to pick up, the more complicated the handling of the Dirt Bike will become. If at low speed it will be very manoeuvrable, this will not be the case at all at high speed and trouble could happen quickly.

In short, you will surely need a few parts to learn how to master the beast and exploit it to its full potential. As for its HP, as you can imagine, you should not expect miracles, it remains a fragile vehicle.

To give you an idea, the Dirt Bike has as much HP as the MTB. Finally, know that you can ride two on this bike with a driver and a rear passage. So all you have to do is test it in your games.

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