CoD Warzone: Bannwelle blocks thousands of accounts, but there is criticism

CoD Warzone: Bannwelle blocks thousands of accounts, but there is criticism

The Call of Duty Warzone cheater problem seems to be endless. The game’s developers have now reacted to this again.

On Twitter, they now announced that they have banned a total of 15,000 accounts and that even more accounts will follow. However, there is also criticism.

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Are the allegations correct?

The critics mainly talk about the fact that many legitimate accounts have been banned. Numerous players come forward saying they have never cheated or otherwise violated the terms of use.

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The problem with such statements is always the burden of proof. As an outsider, it is impossible to assess whether someone has really been banned unlawfully or whether a cheater is trying to reactivate his account using public pressure.

It is entirely possible that the players’ claims are true. Because it would by far not be the first incorrectly granted ban in a video game. But there are also enough cheaters who lie and assert their innocence or otherwise try to talk their way out of a ban.

Regardless of whether the bans are justified or not, our author Stephanie Schlottag thinks that Warzone is in a crisis and that the developer needs to improve a few things.

Do bans do anything in a Free2Play game?

Since you can create an additional account in Free2Play games like Call of Duty: Warzone without any problems, some players find the efforts against cheaters useless. Because they can simply set up another account and don’t have to spend any money on it, so the argument goes.

However, the situation is not that simple. Often it is not just the accounts themselves that are blocked, but also the hardware ID associated with them. With this method, the game operator can track cheaters across accounts and also prevent them from simply creating a new account if they are using the same hardware.

Warzone itself also requires you to provide a phone number if you play it for free. This also makes it difficult for fraudsters to simply come back after a ban.

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