CoD Warzone: Atomic bombs over Verdansk fans’ guesswork

CoD Warzone: Atomic bombs over Verdansk fans’ guesswork

The Call of Duty: Warzone atomic bombs were fired on Verdansk – probably accidentally and two weeks too early.

It is now an open secret: With the start of Season 3 of Call of Duty: Warzone, Verdansk is supposed to go down in a nuclear explosion, put an end to the zombie invasion and usher in the launch of a new (old) map. At least that is what rumors from established insiders such as ModernWarzone or Tom Henderson have said so far.

Now atomic bombs are actually flying about the current map of the Battle Royales – even if it was probably more unintentional: Because the warheads are currently not hitting. In return, fans get a foretaste of what the so-called »Nuke Event« will ultimately look like.

Players on Reddit and Twitter show what the bombs look like over the current map. This confirms numerous rumors and alleged leaks that have so far been around the Nuke event. We are just seeing the beginning of the end of Verdansk – Warzone expert Steffi has a clear opinion on it:

Warzone: Verdansk map should die? A big mistake!

Atomic bombs too early over Verdansk

Missiles launched too early: On Reddit, among other things, the Warzone player AmedeeO10 shows that atomic bombs are currently flying over Verdansk. This is probably still a game bug, because the warheads do not explode.

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How are the atomic bombs currently affecting Verdansk? So there are currently no playful effects on Warzone or changes to the current map of the Battle Royale. For this, fans will probably have to wait until the start of the upcoming season 3.

When should it actually start: According to the latest information, Season 3 will start on April 22, 2021, when the current Battle Pass expires. Official information on this is currently limited. There are already countless rumors, alleged leaks and insider reports on the subject.

What (supposedly) awaits us with Season 3: According to reports, the Nuke event will take place in Season 3 of CoD Warzone. This means that atomic bombs will be dropped on Verdansk – probably to end the current zombie threat.

CoD Warzone: What leaks reveal about Season 3

The consequence of this would supposedly be a kind of Verdansk 2.0 .: A completely overhauled version of the current Warzone map, which is based on Black Ops: Cold War based on an 80s setting. Only recently it was also mentioned that the leaked Ural map has now been canceled by Activision.

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