Imagine you’re playing a Call of Duty tournament live on Twitch and have the chance to win $250,000. And just on this day you seem to be playing the round of your life and have a realistic chance of making the money – only to be confronted with cheat allegations and thrown out.

$ 250,000 tournament

This is exactly what happened to the streamer and gamer Metzy recently. Metzy played a Call of Duty tournament on Twitch on January 22nd, which also featured bigger names from the scene. It seems to be going well for him until there is an unusual kill streak for the gamer.

He is quickly referred to by his opponents as a cheater and an investigation is initiated. The organizers of the Twitch Rival paused the tournament, watched the clip and decided that there is no doubt that his playing style was unnatural. Therefore it was decided to disqualify the participant:

“During the Twitch Rivals: Doritos Bowl ft. Call of Duty Warzone Final, Metzy_B was ruled to be cheating. As a result his team was removed from the event. We take Twitch Rivals Player Conduct extremely seriously. We will continue to investigate any allegations of cheating.”


To ban a cheater is first of all the right decision. It only becomes problematic when there is no evidence at all and it turns out afterwards that he didn’t have any cheat software on the PC. Even Tommey, who also portrayed Metzy as a cheater during the stream and wanted to expose him in a kind of cross-examination, later had to apologize to him.

Metzy had his computer examined in the live stream, but nothing could be found. Tommey then apologized in a multi-part Twitter post for accusing Metzy of cheating:

“Fully understand the hate I’m receiving and it’s deserved. There just wasn’t enough to go by to give my opinion on @METZY_B, from the stuff I saw I believed something was off but there just wasn’t enough to go as far as it did and to have everyone saying he cheated. I apologise for that, which’ll mean very little to a lot of you and I know that.

I didn’t want to take it any further but nobody else seemed to care (bar one or two) and he asked if I’d talk to him so he can prove he was clean, which he did. I’ll hold my hands up and admit we were wrong. I’m sorry for letting a lot of you down. I don’t know what more to say, but I accept and deserve anything that comes from this.’

Here you can see the excerpt

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