There is a little over a month left before the next film by Dungeons & Dragonstitled Honor Among Thieves, and with the trailers revealed so far, has once again shown that the Dungeons & Dragons franchise could be in good hands.

Now a new clip shows Simon the Sorcerer throwing speak with the dead on a corpse the group dug up. This new trailer shows Simon, played by Justice Smithexplaining the rules of the spell, while the other characters immediately question the arbitrary limit of five questions.

Our protagonists could have quickly put an end to this spell, concentrating on asking only the right questions, but due to a lack of organization, they lose control of the situation, and everything is fine, until ’til they play again with the kind of metahumor that’s sure to be present in the film. So for a while it’s funny, unfortunately the band makes the mistake of letting Edgin, the bard of Chris Pineinterrogates the corpse, missing a precious opportunity.

Moreover, we can see that in the clip there is the barbarian Holga played by Michelle Rodriguez and the tiefling druid Doric, played by Sophie Lillisunlike the paladin character of Rege-Jean PageFeatured prominently in previous trailers, Xenk is conspicuously absent from this scene of necromancy and humor.

It should be noted that the film Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Thievesis located in the environment Forgotten Realms franchise, and follows a ragtag group of adventurers led by the bard Edgin as they steal a lost relic, then face the consequences of their decisions.

Recall that this film will be released in theaters in Mexico and Latin America on March 30, while in the United States it will be released in theaters on Friday, March 31.

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